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I've uploaded videos to xtube to give a rough idea what each massage can involve.
Either click on the links below or search for my profile on xtube: massagelondon

Professional with a Sensual Edge (£60) video
This session is more typical of a Swedish/Holistic massage, performed on a massage table. The sensuality is built up over the course of the session, whilst also giving a strong, relaxing massage. I'll usually be wearing shorts or trackie bottoms for this massage. Incalls only.

Body-to-Body Naturist Massage (£80 incall) video
This session is more immediately sensual and intimate, with more scope for exploration, as it's performed with both myself and the client naked. The massage involves full body contact, using my body weight as part of the massage along with the more typical long, Swedish strokes.

Social Nudist Session (£80 incall) video
This session is aimed at guys that like to hang out naked as much as they're looking for a massage, with both of us stripping off at the start of the appointment then sitting chatting hanging out over tea before getting into the massage, which is similar in style to the 'Professional with a Sensual Edge' session.


For incalls,
the standard time for all the massage sessions is 75 minutes,
although the Social Nudist session tends to run on a little longer.

Longer sessions are available at a small extra cost -
Professional with a Sensual Edge:
90 minutes - £70; 2 Hours - £90
Body-to-Body Naturist Massage:
90 minutes - £100; 2 hours - £140
Social Nudist Session: 90 minutes - £100; 2 hours - £140

Outcall prices start at £100
Most outcalls within London will be £100,
as that should cover my time travelling and the travel costs,
The standard time for outcall sessions will be 90 minutes.

For contact details and information on availability,
click here


I use the word 'tantric' in my adverts and on this site and I know that means different things (or nothing at all) to different people. My take on tantric is informed by seeing and experiencing the practice of other masseurs and escorts and naked yogis. From all their takes then, for me, in terms of massage, tantric is about prolonging pleasure, about stimulating the whole body in that pleasure, about the body being open to touch and exploration and about getting your head into the same relaxed, stimulated, pleasured space. 'Course, my tantric is definitely about your cock and balls as well as part of the whole experience, and possibly your prostate..

Prostate Stimulation...
With regards to prostate massage, this can be part of either massage, but that's really up to you, the client. Some guys really love this part, some guys are curious and want to give it a tentative try, and with others it's a definite no go area. Either way is fine, the massage will only go as far as you're comfortable with.

Mutual Touching...
I have no problem with mutual touching, but it's best to let that occur naturally over the course of a session. The massage is first and foremost about your body (my body comes later).




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