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Rab, which is Scottish, short for Robert.
I'm 41 and have ten years massage experience.

On the 'professional' side, I'm trained in Swedish and Holistic massage.
On the 'just as professional but more naked' side, I'm trained in sensual and prostate massage

My training and experience are a patchwork of courses and workshops and continual development over the years.
I'm not ITEC or MTI qualified, I'm partially qualified...
I learned alot about the therapist side of massage, learnt new massage techniques and deepened my anatomy and physiology knowledge, but yeah,
book an appointment and ask to hear the long, sad, expensive story of my discovery that an ITEC massage course doesn't suit me at all and left me
feeling fucked off for four months
(SPOILER: the story has a happy ending -
to the strains of 'Make Your Own Kind of Music' by Mama Cass, I walk off the course more confident in my own practice than when I started).

I like massage as a way of connecting with a client, especially with someone I'm seeing for the first time.
And with future meets, there's the opportunity to tailor the session to meet a client's needs better (that's not to say I don't take requests on a first meet,
just that there's more scope and trust on subsequent meets).


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